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Gtting rid of e-waste



A few months ago the members of Taksra Thiruveethi Amman koil street, Mandaveli, who have been actively segregating their food plastic waste, decided to do something their e -waste too. They conducted a campaign and collected some 450 kilos of laptops TV sets and electronics that was intended for the bin. The success of that event prompted them to hold yet another campaign in the second week of february. Local resident K.L.Bala says, For quite some time now the residents here and in neighbouring colonies have been coaxing us to conduct a drive to get rid of their e -waste. when we held the campaign the first time about 8 months ago, the chalange for us was to set up the drive in such a way that the volume kicks in as most of the recycling companies are not there interested if the volume is not there. we collaborated with wastemin foundation, an OMR - based company to get this done To gain traction for the drive word was spred through social media. The efforts paid off people dropped in form as far as T Nagar and kipauk. Another person, at the drive held in february we had people dropping off laptops video players and even television sets we got a lot of cell phones too.




Chennai .


13th April, 2019